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Nominated for poetry prize

Well, this is rather splendid... I've been selected as one of the final 10 in the National Literacy Trust and Bloomsbury Books 'Poetry Prize' competition!

I'm told the final judging will be taking place in December/January and, as one of the 10 shortlisted poets, I've been invited to perform the poem at a celebration event hosted by Bloomsbury (the publisher of Harry Potter no less!) in the new year, in front of selected guests from Bloomsbury, National Literacy Trust and the publishing world.

This is good news.

The competition was to write a poem to promote reading to kids. The winning poem will feature on posters in schools/libraries throughout the country. I entered 5 or 6 poems, the nominated one being...

Backing a Winner

As they close the gate, the horses wait - all made of different things. At the horse of books, nobody looks, even though inside she sings.


In front, the horse of pancakes with chocolate syrup on the top! But there’s syrup in the stirrups and the jockey’s fallen off! Here comes the clothes horse! Could this jumper have the edge? Oh no, she’s come unravelled - and run into the hedge! Could that purebread of pure bread pip them at the post? Oh no! A dead heat with the oven horse! Now that purebread’s pure toast! In the lead the horse of televisions. It seems this one could win But it’s stopped in its tracks, it’s been pulled back! Ha-ha! It’s still plugged in! Now one horse remains, the pick of the pack What a pace! What a thrill! It’s a paper-back! Watch it go! Watch it go! Galloping to glory! Forget all the rest - you’ll win with a story!

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